Friday, January 25, 2013

Yumtastic Strawberry Bananas!

So I was experiencing "point pinch" where I didn't have a whole lot of points to spare, but I was craving a little something filling and sweet. In a fit of inspiration, I created this incredibly delicious mix that totally filled me up and satisfied my sweet tooth. Damn this stuff was good! I like the bananas slightly soft and mushy to add a bit of a pudding-ish consistency to the whole shebang!

Strawberries - 2c (0 PP)
Banana - 1 large (0 PP)
Vanilla extract  - 1 Tbsp (0 PP)
Almond extract - 1 tsp (0 PP)
Splenda (optional) - 3 Tbsp (0 PP)

Slice strawberries and sprinkle with splenda and vanilla. Let strawberries soak up the vanilla and splenda for a few minutes. Slice bananas and add them to the mix mashing them a little as you stir. Add almond extract. Et Voila!!!
TOTAL POINTS: 0 (YES, freaking zero!!!)

I think the almond extract really makes this. The liquids and splenda make it a little saucy which would be delicious drizzled over a slice of angel food cake. If you're looking for a little more substance (like maybe for breakfast) I could see this being great with yogurt, oatmeal, or some cottage cheese. Yumtastic!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Tales From The Scale

I'm thinking Fridays I will share the at least one health/dietary/life triumph and one regret from the past week

0 lbs. lost/gained

So yeah, this week it's about the scale. I did absolutely nothing on the scale this week. No weight lost, but no weight gained at least. I think I can officially say that I am on a plateau. Damn it... 

If you live in California are you on a "mesa" instead?

*Shrug* Well I probably need to pick up the exercise some more too if I'm gonna get off this mesa before the coyotes get me. Wish me luck!

TRIUMPH: Olympic quality volleyball Monday Night

REGRET: Burger King kid's meal last Sunday

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

If you live alone, and you like smoothies...

This post is about the smoothie I made tonight. It was freaking DELICIOUS. I was craving something sweet and I'm trying Weight Watchers at the moment. I intended to have my banana/PB2 smoothie as a breakfast thing but I thought, what the hay, it could work for dessert. And work it did...This thing was bananas! I mean truly nuts! (puns intended).
"These things right here, I recommend! If you live alone, and you like smoothies..."

Almond Milk - 1c (1 PP)
PB2 - 2 tbsp (1 PP)
Splenda - 2 tsp (0 PP)
Vanilla extract - 1tsp (0 PP)
Ice -1c (0 PP)

Run it through the blender and sprinkle some cinnamon on top to make it sexy. Yummmmmmmmy!
These things right here, I recommend! Which brings me to inspiration for the title of this post...

Sometimes I'm surprised by:
a) Where I find inspiration
b) What sticks in my mind
Years ago, I saw the hands down funniest episode of MTV Cribs. It was bordering on ridiculous. In it, Redman (very talented and renowned rapper) gives of a tour of his apartment in Staten Island. And wow, he keeps it gully for real! (For those of you that couldn't understand or appreciate my mastery of urban street slang, click "GULLY")

Now in this episode of MTV Cribs, Redman introduced me to a little something that to this very day I eat and love! Gorton's Grilled Fish Fillets. I particularly like to nuke one of these bad boys and crumble it into a quick salad for dinner. Being from New England, I "Trust the Gorton's Fisherman" as the jingle goes. I grew up with this Gloucester, MA based company and remain suspicious of any fishstick who's box isn't graced with a man in a yellow slicker.  But prior to Redman telling me about this new grilled fish product, I had no idea of its existence! And I am forever changed. Thank you Reggie Noble a.k.a. Redman!

Anyways, that's what I think might happen to you, dear reader, after experiencing this smoothie. You will be forever changed. So while I certainly recommend this smoothie even if you don't live alone, well, Redman said it so eloquently before he showed us how to hotwire his doorbell (fast forward to 4:40)...